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  • Do I need to use other products such as moisturizer with Rose Geranium products?
    No, one does not need to apply moisturizer. Minimalism and the resulting reduction of needless consumption and waste is at the heart of Rose Geranium Skincare; the facial serum oils provide all you need in terms of moisturizing and barrier enhancement. Though at Rose Geranium Skincare we also encourage users to do what feels right for them, that includes using other products in ones routine.
  • What is DMSO?
  • Where does Rose Geranium Skincare ship?
    We ship nationally and internationally from the USA. Standard shipping rates apply.
  • Do you offer returns?
    We trust you will be happy with your Rose Geranium Skincare products therefore we do not offer returns or refunds. If you have a genuine issue please reach out to us and we would be happy to find a solution where possible.
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