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Full list of ingredients and why we chose to include them... 

Essential Oils:



Rose Geranium - comforting, tightening, sebum balance, pore refining 

Neroli - calming, collagen synthesis, scar healing

Chamomile - relaxation, color correction

Jasmine - relieving, restorative, antiseptic, collagen support, cicatrisant (promotes wound healing)  



Frankincense - hormonal balance, purifies, restores



Orange - centering, astringent, smoothing, cell rejuvenation, color correction, tightening

Grapefruit - uplifting, vitamin C, collagen boost, antioxidant



Peppermint - soothes, cooling, cleansing, antimicrobal


Intentional Carrier Oils:


Sweet Almond - softening, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K, retinol

Rosehip Seed - exfoliate, brighten, antioxidant 

Jojoba - revitalize 

Argan - moisturizing, free radical protection 

Castor - fatty acids, smoothing, skin health




Vegetable glycerin - humectant, barrier enhancement, smoothing, plumping 

Pharmaceutical Grade Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) - speeds healing, absorption, anti-inflammatory, free radical scavenger

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