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Donate to a sustainable world

Contributions can be made with a Chase Quickpay, Paypal, or Zelle to:

List of our launching expenses, starting with the physical space: 

  • Lease deposit $14,000

  • One months rent $7000

  • Space furnishing $2000

  • Employee pay $5000

Inventory, all sustainable, ethical, and handmade:

  • Ukrainian (small production, handmade) lingerie $5000

  • British (zero waste, handmade) lingerie $1000

  • French (handmade) lingerie $1500

  • Vietnam (handmade, creating employment for mothers to work from home, zero waste) lingerie $1000

  • Fine jewelry (small-scale, handmade, independent designers) $1000

  • Designer rare vintage (zero waste) $3000

  • Rare vintage fine-jewelry (zero waste, anti-mining) $1000

General monthly expenses:

  • Insurance $350

  • Car $300

  • Parking $400

  • Utilities $300

We are accepting any sized donations, alternatively if you need to stock up on skincare products or have always wanted to try them, now would be a great time to do so, furthermore fine-art to elevate your space is already available to purchase in our "Art Dept" section.

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Thank you for looking!

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