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BODY serum 1oz


Reiki infused * natural * consciously sourced * cruelty free * vegan * no fillers * USA handmade * zero plastic waste to you


A potent combination for targeted maintenance and healing.


Excellent for all skin types. Recommended for areas of bodily skin which may be "damaged" or scarred in any way. 


Come home to your body & senses with loving self-massage for the areas that call for it most. Calming Neroli essential oil (known for its scar healing properties), featuring comforting, balancing, and tightening Rose Geranium, with the nourishing care of their natural carrier oil combination, all enhanced by DMSO. 


Shake closed bottle well. Carefully pour a small coin-sized amount into one palm of clean hands. Rub your hands together, spreading the solution evenly over your palms and fingers, create warmth between the hands. Apply to the targeted area with long firm sweeps, moving with the body. Breathe deeply as you move consciously and slowly, experiencing this contact with yourself. Repeat for any additional areas. 


Recommended application anytime though particularly after bathing to replemish skin. 



Rose geranium essential oil - comforting, sebum balance, tightening 

Neroli essential oil - calming, collagen synthesis, scar reduction

Castor oil - fatty acids

Almond oil - softening, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K, retinol

Rosehip seed oil - exfoliate, brighten, antioxidant 

Argan oil - moisturize, regulate, stretch marks reduction, sun damage healing 

Jojoba oil - revitalize 

Vegetable Glycerin - smoothing, protection, plumping

DMSO - healing, anti inflammatory, absorption  

BODY Serum Oil - Repair/Maturing

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  • All products are natural, handmade, and provide zero plastic waste to the buyer. 

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