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CLARITY facial 1oz


Reiki infused * natural * consciously sourced * cruelty free * vegan * no fillers * USA handmade * zero plastic waste to you


For emotional, mental, and facial clarity, extra assistance in care of oily, acne-prone skin and any challenging emotions associated.


Suitable and recommended for all skin types, day and/or night use. Balances oilier skin and/or more dense environments such as higher humidity. Breaks up stagnation in the skin and in the self. Great for balancing PMS in women. Good for Ayurvedic Pitta Dosha.


This blend contains ingredients to support the entire experience of prevention, management, and healing, with key components of refreshing peppermint, uplifting sweet orange, and balancing grapefruit. All incredibly clarifying for the physical, mental, and emotional state, these are supported by carrier oils to boost skin health, with the addition of a homeopathic dose of DMSO enhancing absorption, leaving you with a dewy glow, and maximum healing benefits of all ingredients.


Apply to a clean face. Shake closed bottle well. Carefully pour a small coin-sized amount into one palm of clean hands, using the tip of your finger dab even amounts onto each key area of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin, nose) and neck, rub your hands together creating warmth and spreading any remaining solution over your palms and fingers. Using your palms and fingers, moving from the center of the face outwards and down the neck, firmly, repeatedly sweep the oil over your whole face, spreading evenly, identifying and spending a little more time on areas calling for it, using smaller circular motions here, breathe deeply. Inhale clarity, exhale confusion. Inhale energy, exhale stagnation. Inhale love, exhale worry.


For extra benefit use the Gua Sha tool for facial massage as directed. Leave oil on, or rinse for oil cleansing, using a few splashes of cold to luke-warm water, pat dry with a clean towel.



Peppermint essential oil - cleansing, antiseptic, antibacterial, cooling, soothing

Grapefruit essential oil - uplifting, antioxidant

Sweet Orange essential oil - clarity, vitamin C, color correction, circulation, collagen synthesis, firms, tightens

Almond oil - softening, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K, retinol

Rosehip seed oil - exfoliate, brighten, antioxidant

Argan oil - moisturizing, regulate

Vegetable Glycerin - smoothing, protection, plumping

Castor seed oil - fatty acids

DMSO - healing, anti inflammatory, absorption

CLARITY Facial Serum Oil - Oily

  • All products are natural, handmade, and provide zero plastic waste to the buyer. 

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