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Soothe Facial Serum Oil



Gua Sha


This fall/spring set is an essential for the transitional season, though can be used any season as needed, and is our recommended for Sensitive Skin. The climate (especailly in New York) starts to get drier, and the change in daylight hours and temperature puts our nerous systems under stress and strain, emotions which in turn effect our skin, as do the shifts in envoronment. The Fall Set carries us through. Optional with or without Gua Sha tool; if you have not yet experienced your own gua sha tool, it is highly recommended. If you would like to learn more about gua sha as a beauty and healing practice, you can do so here, as well as book a gua sha facial and other holistic treatment with our official affiliated practitioner. 


Set saves $25.

Fall / Spring Set - Soothe, Eye, Body

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