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TONE toner 2oz


Reiki infused * natural * consciously sourced * cruelty free * vegan * no fillers * USA handmade * zero plastic waste to you


Lift your spirits as you refresh, cleanse, soften, tonify, and prep your skin. 


Excellent for all skin types. 


Gently exfoliating rosewater, tightening and balancing Rose Geranium, and DMSO to enhance all healing. 


Apply to a clean face, after oil cleaning and/or at any time you’re feeling like a refresh. Shake closed bottle well. Carefully pour a coin-sized amount onto a clean face towel, gently sweep over your whole face, inhaling the uplifting scent of rose, exhaling experiencing freshness. 


As part of your routine, follow with a moisturizing treatment such as CLARITY/COMFORT/SOOTHE facial. 



Rosewater - mood boost, refresh, soothe, cleanse, balance color & ph, gentle exfoliation, softening, antioxidant, antiseptic, antibacterial 

Rose geranium essential oil - comforting, sebum balance, tightening 

DMSO - healing, anti inflammatory, absorption, free radical scavenger 


TONE Toner - Balance

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