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Rose Geranium Lifestyle

A High-Concept, Sustainable, Lifestyle Store 

Curation Focussed on Social Justice, Zero-Waste,
& Highlighting the work of Emerging Artists

RG life logo_edited.jpg

Let's Make Sustainable Chic Again.

If you would like to support the launch of our first physical location, we are accepting any sized donations, though you can find a list of our specifics here. Alternatively if you need to stock up on skincare products or have always wanted to try them, now would be a great time to do so. Furthermore, fine-art to elevate your space & style is already available for view & purchase through our "Art Dept" section.
If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to reach out.

You can learn more about the project here:

If you are like us, you believe that sustainability is an essential duty to life on Earth. Though in order to speak about "sustainability", we must discuss, what does this word mean? What probably comes to mind is: recycling, using less energy, not wasting paper, organic farming, global warming, reducing carbon emissions, fossil fuels, etc.

Though consideration of all of these remains of the upmost importance to us, another (often overlooked, but essential) layer of sustainability is at the forefront of our mind, and that is the nurturing of creative joy for individuals in human bodies. The sustainability of life and the joy of living, because what is life on earth without individual and collective peace, excitement, happiness, clarity, and the impeccable creation that comes from that state, and how different and environmentally-friendly that creation can be when beings are fully awakened to infinite love and potential.

This focus is the axis and the orbit of our brand, Rose Geranium Lifestyle.

This is why (for example), we have chosen to showcase the design of Ukrainian artisans, who are still living and working in the Ukraine as we speak as the war goes on. In one of possibly the most extreme examples, one of our artists ateliers was destroyed by a bomb since the war began, she continues to work and produce her clothing line with all of her employees out of her home. Not only do they demonstrate incredible resilience, but small-scale, made to order production will always be more environmentally friendly as it creates less waste, and small companies will most often create a more nurturing environment for their members. This is just one example of such organizations we are working with in the Ukraine. These are the types of people & projects we must support.

Other examples are our supplier in Vietnam, who creates zero-waste clothing by collecting fabric scraps from factories in the area which would otherwise go to landfill, hiring mothers to create the garments giving them employment where they can work from home and be with their children whilst creating high-quality, sustainable clothing.

These are only some examples of the incredible products and apparel we are carrying in-store, and can be special-ordered through us. The rest are all in alignment with these environmental, inter-personal, personal sustainability practices, and are made by artisans all over the world, who show incredible resilience, artistry, and love through their work, giving you an opportunity to participate in a greater good through supporting them.

Furthermore, the store will act as an art gallery/showroom putting the spotlight on the work of both emerging and established artists based in the US and around the world, regardless of their existing following, giving them an opportunity to show work which needs to be seen. Both fine-art and high-art furniture will be included.

And finally, we will be carrying the Rose Geranium Skincare line, a zero-plastic, natural, skincare product addressing concerns in a holistic manner by addressing both the physical and non-physical aspects of being, inspiring and supporting more mindful living. It is created by Circe Bloom, a holistic health coach and practitioner for over a decade, and made my hand in Arizona by Reiki Masters.

You may think I am crazy when I say my focus is People Over Profits, though we all know deep down that when the focus is love rather than material gain, everything we need will support the creation and the flow of joy. 

Our lease in a historic landmark storefront on Christopher Street, next to a beautiful old church, starts July 1st, 2023. We can’t wait to have you visit us at our NYC, West Village Store.


Thank you so much for reading!

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